Hi love!

I gave a talk last week to a surprisingly older, conservative audience. During my talk, I accidentally let out a "fuck", something that happens occasionally when I get REALLY passionate about a subject.

You could tell these people were NOT happy. I couldn't help but laugh inside because at that moment I realized I did not give a fuck about what they thought of me. I was not going to apologize, in my head or out loud, for being who I am.

This is kind of a big deal for me because I am one of those type of people that will do everything I possibly can to make sure people like me. It got to the point though that I realized if I am to run a successful business and put myself out there in a big way, I am going to have to get over the idea of having people like me.

So a few days after the talk I posted about why us women should not give a fuck about what other people think about us and I received a LOT of comments commending me for saying what I think all of us need to hear. And so, I decided to record a little love note to expand upon why you really should NOT give a fuck.

Taking care of yourself and focusing on what makes you happy instead of caring about the opinions of others is not only the most spiritual, holy thing you can do... it's also a necessity. 

Releasing the need to please others creates space for us to serve in a bigger way.

To your worth,