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You have a good poker face but underneath it all you feel like a hot mess. How can you lead a movement if you don't even have your shit together? I know that YOU know you need to do the inner work first before anything else.



I'm Thais SKy.

Renown leadership coach. Spiritual teacher. International Speaker. Aggressive cuddler. I am on a mission to mobilize women in a big way. The secret? Worthiness.

The world will be saved by women who decide they are worthy of it
— Thais Sky
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Learn The art of leadership

In this amazing {and free} leadership resource guide, you will learn the essential mindset for a conscious woman on a mission as well as my best practical tips for putting yourself out there in a big way. Because if you're going to do anything, you might as well do it #likeaboss.


Want more guidance on your journey to claiming your leadership? These resources will help.

There is a call for women to rise. To share their message. To active their voice. To bring balance. It’s time to unapologetically say yes.
— Thais Sky

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