giving advice by women's leadership coach and spiritual teacher thais

A few weeks ago I received a few questions about giving advice. When is it a good idea to give advice? What if the person doesn't receive the advice, how do I go about helping him/her? When do I know to give advice and when do I know to just listen?

As change makers, this can be SO challenging. We want to be of service to the world! We want to help people! And what's a better way of helping people than by giving them advice. Right? Wrong. Totally completely wrong. And in this week's video I share why.

It is not our responsibility to fix the lives of others. It's our responsibility to fix ours. And when we do that, we set the stage for others to fix theirs. 

When I was younger, my dad shared with me incredible knowledge and wisdom but I brushed him away every time. Then I would come back a few days later all excited to share with him what I learned, which is exactly the same thing he told me a few days prior. Why didn't it sink in the first time? Because I wasn't ready or open to it. And in the same way, when we give advice to people who are not open or ready, our advice will fall on deaf ears. 

Be the change, lightworker. Take your OWN advice ;) And watch the people around you transform.