making changes that last by leadership coach thais

Are you ready to make a change?

Some changes I feel we are pretty much ready to make. We are ready to make more money, we are ready to become healthier, we are ready to {insert your change here}. 

And yet, despite our best efforts, we cannot seem to make the change. We certainly try, and then end up right back to where we started. Why is that?

That's how I felt about a lot of things, including my emotional eating, growing my business and expressing myself in a bigger way. I shifted my relationship to all of those things by applying the concept I share in this week's video love note. When I realized what was running my life, I was able to take the steps to make the lasting changes I so desperately craved.

Making big changes {like moving across the country} requires one massive action. Changing your attitude towards yourself, life and others, takes small consistent action. That is why the message in this video is so crucial - the majority of our lives are not in the big moments but in all the small moments and decisions we make daily. It's these small moments that hold the power, and if we aren't running the show consciously, how can we create a life we want?

I have soul work for you this week. Write down ONE habit // attitude change you want to make in your life. Put the timer on for 3 minutes and write all of the reasons why you may be sabotaging these changes. Write whatever comes up and keep writing even when you've run out of things to say. Once the three minutes are up, look at your list and circle what REALLY resonates with you as to why you may be blocking your own growth {usually these are the last ones you wrote down}.

Awareness of our beliefs is the first step to true change. Honor this process and know that you are right where you are supposed to be.

To your worth,