being a powerful influencer by women's leadership coach and spiritual teacher Thais

Happy December, love!

If you want to be successful at ANYTHING, including being a leader of a movement, amassing raving fans, convincing your partner to watch Love Actually for the millionth time… {or is that just me?}, you’re going to have to step unapologetically into an influencer. 

Note: influencer is NOT manipulator. Influencer IS inspiring people to act. It’s bringing out the best in others and motivating them towards their best self. It’s the only way to run a biz that doesn’t feel like pulling teeth. And it’s essential for powerful light workers who want to bring spirituality to the masses.

So with that, here are my three tips on being a greater influencer. These tips can be used to start a revolution, get a raise, or increase the vibration of love around you.


1) Stop trying to do it like everyone else: Seriously. Influencers are above all else disrupters. They have a different way of doing things. And they are audacious enough to claim it as their own. The great thing is, we ALL have different ways of doing things. It’s just a matter of owning it. If your business is not a total reflection of your soul force, it’s not going to last. So try it out. Play with doing it your way. What’s the worse that can happen?

The more you can align your life + biz to the highest expression of you, the more influence you will have.

Obama is one of the most influential men in the world - and he is disliked by half the country. So stop obsessing over how everyone else is doing it and what will get the most “likes”, and start focusing on sharing from your heart. The rest is inevitable. 

2) Set the example: That’s right, you gotta be the change in order to change the world. How will you influence people to buy from you and be advocates of your biz if you’re not actually walking the talk? People buy your products and services NOT  because of what you offer or how well positioned you are in the market or because of your great sales funnel or because of your beautiful website. No, people buy from you because of who you are. So in order to influence and inspire the world, you have to step into the inspirational person that you are.

3) Lead with your story: This is so fucking important. Why does Apple stand out as a major influencer in the market place for computers? Not because they sell more computers than anyone else. Not because they were the first. Not because they are more innovative {my boyfriend will tell you Androids are MUCH better than Apple}. None of these are the reasons why people spend ridiculous amounts of time waiting in line to be the first to have a new iPhone, even though their 6 month old version works perfectly fine. It’s because they sell you the story. And people want to be involved in that. They want to be the type of person that owns an iPhone.

In the same way, leading with your story is what is going to connect your ideal clients to you.Your story is what separates you from everyone else. It's what creates emotional appeal. And it's what differentiates you from business owner to leader.  

And my extra secret tip to being more influential is… believe that you already are it. Belief supersedes everything so in order to step into the dynamic person who has raving, loyal fans and creates real change, you first have to believe that you are worthy of being influential. That you have a powerful message the world needs.

That means you’re going to have to drop the story that only by having X number of people on your list or Y number of followers will you be able to make six figures or have sold out workshops. That is simply not true.

One of the key misalignments in our generation is that in order to be influential, you need to have a lot of likes and social media followers. Your list needs to big. Your conversion rate needs to be X%. Etc etc.

But we have to remember, whereas Hitler had million of followers, Jesus had 12. It’s not the NUMBER that will make you influential or bring you a lot of money. It’s the PRESENCE of which you do things with. That is what true leadership is all about. 

So do not believe for one more second that you need to have more of a social media following in order to make the impact you want to make.

Instead, shift the conversation to what ENERGY are you operating from as you post, as you engage with others, as you build your empire. Is it from a desire to serve, or a desire to get likes? Is it from a desire to be in integrity, or a desire to be trendy?

Now go influence the world, darling!