closing your path by women's leadership coach + spiritual teacher thais

After living in LA for five months, I decided it was time to brave the DMV.

I had procrastinated changing my license and car plates because I heard it was going to be a nightmare. I heard the fees were going to be outrageous. I heard all sorts of awful stories.
And so I pushed it off for as long as possible. I hemmed. I hawed. 

And if you know me, I NEVER hem and haw. That type of indecision is just not my style.

But there was something feeling off within me. I felt that the few parking tickets I received was a part of this “off energy.” And I am beginning to really trust these feelings. It doesn't fuck around. So, I went. 

It ended up being a totally great experience. Nothing to complain about. I was in and out in an hour. I paid 100 bucks. 

But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that I felt a closing of energy. Kind of like when you come home and you realize your faucet has been leaking water all day and you close it tight and it feels like a big sense of relief. That sense of DONE.

Well, just like that leaky faucet, when we procrastinate on taking care of the things in our lives, our energy is not fully aligned.

Imagine your life is a pipeline. 

The more holes in the pipelines, the weaker the structure. Less water gets to the destination. The more likely of a break. The whole thing is less powerful. Less trustworthy. People are less likely to come to you. Random shit blows up because of the cracks. 

It’s no bueno.

We can say the same about every task that you have yet to complete, every “I should do that” that you haven’t done, every promise you haven’t fulfilled.

It creates a lack of integrity. It’s like that leaky faucet.

So let’s take care of all that before the new year.

Because if you truly want to create a NEW year, you’re going to have to close off the old. It’s time to realign that pipeline so you feel a strong sense of energy on the tasks that will elevate you. It’s time to clear out what isn’t working, what is weighing you down, and has been a no for a long time but you’ve been avoiding it.

All that has to go.

And what better time than the last month of the year! This is the PERFECT time to be asking yourself - what do I NOT want to bring into the new year? That could be ideas like “fear of taking my business seriously” or it could be actual things like “drop that collaboration.”

So I created a mini badass workbook to help you answer these big questions for you to tighten your stuff and start next year in a powerful way. 

My recommendation is to fill out this worksheet when you are feeling clear and centered. Light some candles. Meditate. And then dive in!