women's leadership coach and speaker

I came back from a weekend of chanting with Krishna Das at yogaville in May and instead of feeling blissful and empowered, I felt scared and uninspired. I was scared about moving to California. I was scared about saying goodbye to everything I knew. I was scared, period. 

At that time both my spiritual mentor and business coach told me the same thing, "you have to honor your limitations."

I didn't like that so much. Sure logically I understood; I've taught this same lesson to my clients and students, but I didn't understand what that meant for me during this massive transition. Wasn't honoring my limitations a way of admitting defeat? How was I supposed to embody greatness and do all these badass things if I admitted that I was totally NOT ok? Does admitting my limitations mean not moving to Cali? Does it mean getting a full time job instead of going on my own? WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

And THAT is what this video love note is all about so check it out on what honoring your limitations could look like in your life.

Now let me be clear - honoring your limitations does NOT mean:
- giving in to your fears
- believing you are not good enough
- giving up on your dreams

It DOES mean acknowledging that you are human, that you are experiencing new things that you have no idea how to respond to, and that growth requires a tad bit of "growing pains."

We can see this clearly in yoga class. Honoring your limitations means accepting that right now you can't touch your toes. Does it mean giving up or calling yourself a bad yogi? No, it simply offers you an opportunity to be with where you are and approach your limits with compassion and love. 

During those three weeks that I was leaving my home in Maryland and packing everything up to move to California, I learned more about myself, the laws of the Universe and how to show up in my business than I ever had before. And the most important take way that I can share with you now that I have gone through it and feel myself flourishing in this beautiful city is the following: 

The expectation of perfection is diminishing your ability to show up in your life.

It's not helping you, love. 

The idea that you have no flaws, that you should handle everything that comes your way with perfect grace, that you are never to make a mistake... these are all powerful ideas of the ego. In my line of work, this is called the idealized self-image. It is an image we have created of ourselves and every time our actions do not align with this perfect version of ourselves we get angry, we feel

Notice now, my friend, how you carry these beliefs deep within you. Why else do you berate yourself so much whenever you react in a way that you regret?

Honor where you are, be at peace with your limitations and watch that the minute you do so, your hamstrings and heartstrings relax and life will give you EVERYTHING.

To your worth,