los angeles meditation and yoga teacher

Transformation is not easy.

Doing totally radical things, trying new ways of being, entertaining different beliefs; they all require a certain tenacity towards a vision of a bigger you.

As I learn how to fully step into my new role in life and business, I have certainly had my share of ups and downs. I have experienced fears and overwhelm. And I have definitely experienced elation and joy. And through it all, I have had to stay grounded in what is real, what is true, and what is certain.

This is an essential element during moments of uncertainty and change - if you do not ground yourself in something permanent, you can easily fall back to old habits or old patterns.

The mind needs to feel safe. If the uncertainty gets to be too much, it's going to run to what it knows... unless you can establish another sense of certainty.

So what is permanent during times of major upheaval? Your true self. The self within you that can withstand any difficulty in the physical plane. The self within you that is not afraid of impermanence because it's infinite. The self within you that is perfect, whole and complete.

This true self, your highest being, can be accessed only when we quiet the monkey mind that is constantly telling us what to do, how to be, how to stay protected, how to deal with life {through it's narrow perspective}, etc etc. And it's essential to access our true selves so that we can make the necessary changes to fulfill our desires and be of massive service. THAT is why any great leader + true catalyst must have a strong meditation practice.

How are we supposed to connect with our intuition, be guided in our actions, hold space for our clients and friends, be a powerful being, if we are constantly entertaining our ADD thoughts? Quieting our thoughts and practicing stepping into that place that can observe our thoughts is the only way. 

Yoga is amazing. EFT is fabulous. Sound bowls are awesome. All of these modalities help us quiet the chatter. But NOTHING replaces the importance of sitting meditation when it comes to showing up fully in your life and business and riding the roller coaster without going crazy in the process.

So I want to share with you THREE videos on meditation practices that have changed my life. The first video is a meditation 101 for those of you who do not have a formal sitting practice. The second is an example of a basic meditation practice that you can do anywhere and anytime. The third video is for the most experienced practitioner and it's one of my favorite meditation styles for truly deepening our understanding of who we really are.

Click the link below and enjoy any of the three that you feel called to the most.

When we know who we truly are, we know how to act.

Meditation allows for us to connect with who we truly are, that deep place within us that only emanates love. 

When we become warriors in our desire to quiet the mind and go into that space, we develop a stronger ability to persevere, to do what we don't always enjoy doing, and to stay compassionately with ourselves through any crisis.

If you don't have a daily meditation practice, love, you are doing a massive disservice to yourself and the world. Even five minutes a day can radically change your life. Do it now!

To your worth,