leadership principle by spiritual teacher thais

Are you madly in love with your vision? Does it still excite you? How do you stay connected with it despite the hustle of every day life?

Lately, this topic has been the forefront of my mind as I realized that the more I connected with my intentions for 2015, the more my current business offerings weren't aligning.

That's the best part of a powerful vision, it affords you the introspection required to fully align your actions.

As change makers, our vision truly has the ability to impact the world in a big way. That's why I want to share with you my top 3 tools I use to stay connected with my vision every day. So together, we can truly transform ourselves and the world.

Powerful visions and the right tools actually make life easier because it gives us purpose. These three tools are essential for taking you there.

May you honor your divine vision every day, sister.

To your worth,