jealousy from women's yoga teacher Thais

Hey there!

I used to feel a lot of jealousy when I first started in my business. So many people were doing what I wanted to do and I had no idea how to get to their level of success. This jealousy would often be debilitating and my poor boyfriend had heard me cry on more than one occasion on how I would never get over this jealousy and into action.

It can be so easy to feel jealous of someone else's success. We long to have what they have and do what they do.

When I shared my jealousy with people, I received advice like, "well Thais, we don't in fact know HOW successful they really" or "we don't know what turmoils they may be facing."

Honestly though, those pearly words of wisdom didn't really help me much because I didn't care what turmoil they were in, I wanted something I didn't have and they did. 

Many years later, I finally figured out a reframe that has consistently shifted for me how I view jealousy. It has been the #1 way I have been able to stay focused on my vision {instead of looking at others} AND it has kept me feeling more content and nourished in my life.

If you are ready to shift jealousy once and for all, this video is perfect for you.

At the end of the day, I choose to believe there is space for all of who you are.

Do not be tempted to believe you cannot achieve success just because someone already has it.

Just figure out what you truly desire, stick with it, believe in your spark, and watch the miracles.

To your worth,