Welcome to the Reclaiming Worth Series - a ten part audio series on what it means to reclaim your worth in this messy world with your host, Thais Sky.

part one: getting to the heart of the matter

In this episode you will learn what is the worthiness wound and how the myth of the ideal woman is playing out in your life.

part two: tending to the wound

In this episode you will learn exactly what is an emotional wound, the components that make up the worthiness wound, why positive thinking is the antithesis to resilience and what I mean by shadow work.

part three: getting in the feelings

In this episode we are going to explore exactly how emotions are connected to our healing, what it looks like to honor our emotions, why changing your emotions with your logical brain doesn’t work, and more.

part four: softening into your edges

In this episode I offer some thoughts on softening, rigidity, expectations, and what it means to save ourselves through self-mothering.

part five: taking up space

In this episode I explore why the fear of taking up space is in our DNA, the two ways we tend to compensate for our worthiness wound, the power of tending to our core wounds, and more.

part six: the shame of the wound

In this episode we will explore why the opposite of the worthiness wound is not worthiness, the power of letting the worthiness wound show up, surprising and non-surprising ways the worthiness wound may be showing up and the role of shame in healing our wounds.

part seven: not all boundaries are created equal

In this episode, I take a unique stance on boundaries and explore why not all boundaries are good, what rigid boundaries look like, and how we can cultivate boundaries in a way that honors our humanity.

part eight: eating your worth

In this episode, I share intimate stories of my experiences with disordered eating and some valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way to a more nourishing relationship with my body and pleasure.

part nine: intimacy and not dropping each other

In this episode I explore intimacy, relationships, consent, attachment and how we can do better by one another. This is one of my favorite episodes!

part ten: you are the woman that you’ve been waiting for

In this episode I share my thoughts on the art of pattern breaking {including why we secretly want them) as well as why you are indeed the woman that you’ve been waiting for.



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