Welcome to RECLAIM.

RECLAIM is a podcast for women by women on conversations that matter.


Join life coach, writer and teacher Thais Sky on a weekly quest to explore what it means to be human in this messy world. Thais is often joined by incredible women who offer a vast array of expertise and wisdom in the realms of spirituality, self-development, relationships, money, worthiness, politics, womanhood, psychology, entrepreneurship, sex, social justice and more.

Together, we will explore what it means to reclaim your life. Enjoy!


A few of our reviews:

"Thais has such a way at getting to the heart of the conversations that matter. She's an incredible interviewer and knows her sh*t when it comes to justice. I'm so exciting that Reclaim is finally out in the world. Woooo"

"My world got brighter (and smarter...and funnier..) after discovering Thais' new podcast. Insightful, honest conversations from a strong woman who isn't afraid to hold back, is exactly what we all need in our lives. Do yourself a favor and subscribe now. You wont want to miss anything Thais says!"

"15 minutes into Episode one and I want to say THANK YOU! You’re articulating all of my reluctance and icky-ness with the industry. Lists my spirts to feel like there are others committed to bringing some realism and a global view to this work. I am looking forward to hearing more."

"I recently cleaned up my podcast list. Then, Thais announced Reclaim, and I knew it’d be good. She delivers what can be described as an honest and truly engaging deep dive into some challenging and important topics while featuring the voices of other strong and influential women. Just listen!"

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