manipulation and worthines

Today, I want to share a story with you on how I was manipulated. It was devastating, gut wrenching and one of the most painful experiences of my life... and it absolutely revolutionized my understanding of worthiness.

As women who crave to better our lives... we run the greatest risk of being manipulated. Of being told that the next coach, the next book, the next funnel will offer you everything you want {and make it so easy! while you sip margaritas on the beach!}. The thirstier we are, the more we risk our well-being for someone's promise to fulfill our dream.

This becomes a dangerous game leading to a lot of women feeling broken and in despair, me included.

The point is, as women we are constantly being manipulated. If we are to rise up and claim our power, we have to look at ways in which we are set up to be manipulated and what we can do about it.

We gotta stay alert. awake. and aware.

Worthiness is key.

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: I do not blame the woman who manipulated me... for she too is a victim to the ensnarling beliefs rampant in the entrepreneurial industry. But I also don't blame the entrepreneurial industry... there are so many other industries that sell you the big lie of women "having it all and making it look easy," the nutrition/wellness industry, the fashion industry, etc etc.

AND it's time we hold these larger systems accountable by standing up for ourselves and our worth. Doing this inner work is critical, and stepping into leadership means pairing it with external action. Start saying no to these manipulative schemes, however they play out in your life, that violate a woman's consent to her happiness. The best way to do that is to hold ourselves accountable to our actions and do our best to not participate in these types of conversations. If you want to see a great example of a woman who is doing it differently in the online marketing world, check out Kelly Diels' work: The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.

Take a stand to doing it differently with me. Women's worth literally depends on it.

To your worth,