are you ready to dismantle what you know about your unworthiness?

We hear it everywhere - that in order for us to be successful as women in the world, we must feel worthy.

Everywhere we look we hear mantras of, "you are enough!" and "you are worthy of everything you desire!"

But what is missing from the dialogue is WHY we feel unworthy in the first place, and what we can do to start to change the narrative. Because if mantras were all that it took, we would feel radically worthy by now.

INTRODUCING: Worthy Women Rise
A mini digital course on healing the worthiness wound.

The more we go on the journey of actualizing our dreams and doing the inner work, the louder it seems the voice of unworthiness gets. 

One of the major reasons for this is that since birth we've been handed a heavy suitcase of cultural norms that we've been forced to lug around, feeling it get heavier and heavier as life’s experiences further conditions us to believe that there is something wrong with us and that we is not enough.

Because as children we have a limited understanding of life, we develop belief systems and stories to make carrying this suitcase more bearable. These beliefs becomes the foundation from which women navigate the world.

You see, our worthiness wound is not “our fault.” You are not defective or broken for carrying this sense of unworthiness around wherever you go. You have literally been taught to do the opposite of everything you need to do become a self-actualized, confident woman.

This baggage you are carrying now was never yours to begin with. But because we were not given the necessary skills to feel worthy, well, we drag along this suitcase to the best of our abilities, compensating with beliefs and stories that help us stay safe in an unwelcoming world. And if we do not take action to change this, we run the danger of sabotaging our entire lives.


Unaddressed worthiness wound can lead to:

  • Addictive behavior such as shopping, emotional eating, alcoholism, etc
  • Isolation and sense of disconnection
  • Chronic busyness at the expense of intimacy with yourself and your family
  • Depression, anxiety and unrelenting dissatisfaction
  • Inability to feel pleasure, joy or lasting happiness

Luckily, you don't have to live in this secret hell anymore.  It's time to be seen. To take up space.  To own your worth and awaken to your power. The world needs you!



Through listening to the modules, I had some profound ah-has and inner shifts. It helped me to see where I was still carrying some old unworthy beliefs that had cleverly camouflaged themselves and to take an honest and compassionate inventory of how I have been relating to myself. Armed with that knowledge, I now feel so much hope and inspiration to continue to grow into my strength as a worthy woman and in turn, inspire others to do the same. - Amber Hargett


So What Is The Worthiness Wound?

The worthiness wound is a common set of beliefs and patterns I've discovered during my studies of women's psychology and work with women around the world.

You see, what I began to notice over the six years of 1-1 sessions with hundreds of women is that feeling unworthy is not just experiencing some self-doubt here and there. Rather, at the core of most inadequacies and feelings of not-enoughness lies an emotional wounding, a space within us that didn't feel seen and understood from an early age.

If we truly want to move into a state of worthiness and reclaim our space as worthy women, we must begin by addressing, naming, unveiling and healing this wound.

Because the truth is: you aren't broken. You just weren't given the tools for your liberation.


no one can dictate your worth. and where they have, that is where the work lies.


This digital course is perfect for you if...

  • You have a sense that the reason you feel so stuck in your life is because you feel unworthy and not enough
  • You hold back from going after what you want and claiming your successes because of fears around what other people will think
  • You find yourself in constant self-doubt and self-loathing
  • You compare yourself to others or to unreasonable expectations of yourself
  • You fear vulnerability and would rather hide under a layer of perfectionism than to expose your real self
  • The voice of inadequacy is holding you back from fulfilling your potential
  • You reach large milestones in your life and realize it didn't quite feel like you thought it would, nothing seems to fill the void
  • You've been doing so much work around your confidence and your voice but the same issues keep coming up
  • You long for approval and validation from others to the point of paralysis and anxiety
  • You have a fear of slowing down so you compensate with overwork and overachievement
  • Imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud keeps you from doing what you want
  • You want to feel less disconnected, alienated, alone, numb and separate from yourself and the world 

Here is what's covered in this 4-module course


Learn how to cultivate the inner space and pause that will create the foundation for connecting to your higher self.


What is the worthiness wound? Understand how the worthiness wound has affected your life and examine the underlying beliefs and defense mechanisms that developed as a form of protection.


Learn how to connect with your inner child and develop a new relationship with yourself so you can begin to address your unmet needs and shift how you operate in the world.


Cultivate the tools to use this knowledge on a consistent basis so you can step into your full power as a resilient, worthy woman.



This mini-course includes over three hours of video, audio and meditations with accompanying workbooks, handouts and journaling exercises. The content never expires and is yours to use at your own pace!

While this mini course cannot offer you an instant fix so that you never feel unworthy again {nothing can offer you this, love}, what it will offer you is the critical tools to guide you in navigating your unworthiness with grace and ease.
In that process, true freedom is possible.

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I thought I would be getting some good information, however, the fact that what I learned resonated and answered so many questions I did not even know I had was great for me. I am definitely more confident in knowing myself better and have gained self-worth and a better understanding of myself. My experience was very valuable and worthwhile. I will be back again. - Marylynn Hinde


About Thais SKy

Ram Dass beautifully stated, "Your problem is you’re too busy holding onto your unworthiness.” But often it doesn't feel like we're holding on to our unworthiness, it feels quite the opposite, that our unworthiness has a strong hold on our psyche and nothing we do seems to eradicate it.

And to be honest, our culture benefits from your unworthiness. When we feel like shit, we buy the products, we overwork at our body's expense, we play small, we numb out through our addiction with shopping, TV, etc.

Finding our sense of self without our unworthiness, then, is a radical act of reclaiming the world we want to live in.

What you will learn with this mini course is the foundational knowledge of women's psychology that I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey. This knowledge can change EVERYTHING.

My accreditations include certifications in coaching, NLP, yoga, and women's leadership, and I have deep knowledge in women's psychology, spirituality, somatic experiencing, and neurology. I have worked with hundreds of women worldwide through my coaching practice over the last six years, supporting them explore, trust and express their truths unapologetically through the healing of the worthiness wound.

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I deeply believe that what you put in is what you get out. Having said that, while this program is created to help you go deep, it also won't take over your schedule. Plus, because of the nature of this course, you can do this at your own pace. I suggest you take about three hours a week for the content. Having said that - I trust you know how to learn best for your needs.


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I am still not clear - what is the worthiness wound?

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