dark room sessions

The Dark Room Session - Thais' One Time 60 Minute 1-1 Session

There is a sacred role for the messiness of fear, of resentment, of discourse. For the anger, the negative emotions, the uncomfortable. For all of it.

It teaches us how to come home to ourselves. It teaches us unconditional love. It teaches us holiness.

There is a way we can use these challenging moments to strengthen us, to invite depth into our understanding of life, to cultivate compassion and love for ourselves and the world.

If you’re in a place of emotional mess, of wondering how to move through it all, of praying for something permanent to shift, this offering may be perfect for you.

{This is also my answer to the "pick your brain" emails, as well as a great spot coaching opportunity for past clients.}


Digital Products

thais sky masterclass digital

Own Your Spotlight Masterclass Digital

Own Your Spotlight Masterclass Digital is the digital recording of my annual renowned masterclass.

If you are experiencing a call to step into leadership, to be seen for your brilliance, to share your message in a powerful way... but have no idea HOW, this is for you. Learn how to make a difference in an articulate, confident, authentically YOU way.

confidence course thais sky

Five-Day Confidence challenge

In this five-part mini course, learn my simple yet powerful steps to gaining more confidence in any aspect of your life. Throughout the five days, I share transformational tools to create mind-body-soul integration so you feel more aligned and energized in how you put yourself out into the world.

Coming soon!

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Own Your Spotlight

Own Your Spotlight Self-Mastery is a 12-week self-paced course for women who want to take up space, own their stories, and share their message to the world. You will be guided through 12 audios/videos and worksheets to support you in powerfully using your voice for change. Sign up to receive email when course is available.


meditation thais sky

Accessing Your Inner Child

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to support you cultivate a deeper relationship with your inner child. 

This is a great meditation to begin creating a connection with your little girl, the one within you that longs for unconditional love. What if you were to offer what she never received? How may that change your ability to navigate the world now?

Price: $7

meditation thais sky

Sitting On Your Throne

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to support you feel grounded and centered as you navigate your day.

This meditation is perfect if you're feeling scattered, anxious and unsupported by life and you need a quick reminder on how loved and worthy you truly are.

Price: $5

meditation for sleep thais sky

Sleep Tight

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to help you let go of your stress and fall asleep.

This meditation is perfect to listen to when you're having one of those tossing and turning experiences where your thoughts are running wild and sleep feels so far away.

Price: Free

meditation thais sky

Embodying The Body

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to support you reconnect with the essential wisdom of the body.

All the answers you crave lies in your body. This meditation was created to support your journey of uncovering the truths your body holds.

Price: $5

new beginnings meditation by thais sky

New Beginnings

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to support you step into a new beginning, whether that is a new job, new relationship or new experience.

When we can enter a new experience with a grounded sense of being, we become more curious and open to how life unfolds. This perspective can change everything,

Price: Free

accepting what is meditation thais sky

Accepting What Is

A guided meditation by Thais Sky to support you embracing this moment as a divine gift.

Coming soon!