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Worthy Women Rise Mini Digital Course

Based on my signature four month group program, Worthy Women Rise, Worthy Women Rise mini digital course is a four-module online course for women who want to begin to dip their toes into the work of addressing their worthiness wound.

Don't be fooled by the name though - this mini course is dense and rich, giving you a deeper understanding of how to navigate the feelings of inadequacy so you can begin to reclaim your sovereignty.

Price: $89


Online Lectures

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All The Feels

In this lecture and accompanying workbook you will receive the tools to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your emotions.

I believe emotions are your greatest source of power. Yet we've never been taught how to actually listen and develop a relationship with our emotions. Which only keeps us feeling small and inadequate. This lecture and workbook changes all that.

Price: Free

Just Say No

Just Say No is a 90 minute lecture on navigating the inner critic. We are often taught that the inner critic is an annoying voice that keeps us from what we want.

But what if our inner critic was actually serving a very important role? What if there was a way to relate to the inner critic that not only loosens its control over you but helps you find a greater understanding of yourself? 

Price: Free


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Meditate: An Introduction To Meditation

In this ebook you will receive my practical know how for developing a meditation practice that lasts. This ebook includes various guided meditations and a comprehensive approach to cultivating a meaningful mindfulness practice.

Price: Free

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Worthy Women Rise Year In Review

In this 40 page workbook you will receive over 50 journal prompts, rituals and celebrations to energetically close your year.

Price: Free

* Available Dec 2018