#OwnYourSpotlight Digital Product


#OwnYourSpotlight Digital Product


Thais' #OwnYourSpotlight Masterclass in digital form is now available!!

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    #OwnYourSpotlight Masterclass Digital Includes over 15 hours of content to support you in rising UP as an embodied, feminine leader.

    In this digital product you will receive:

    • 6 modules of audio and videos to activate you and create systems for success as you embody these principles.
    • Clarity on owning your message, claiming your worth and standing in your presence.
    • Understanding of how to make empowered decisions and cultivating power in your life.
    • Deeper knowledge on the differences between feminine and masculine leaders and how to create your own congruent style.
    • Lifetime access, each time Thais hosts a masterclass, the content will be added to your digital program, for no additional cost!
    • Bonus content, surprises and more.