60 minute Dark Room Session


60 minute Dark Room Session


This Dark Room Session is a 60 minute 1-1 coaching session with Thais Sky.

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These sessions are an opportunity for you to dump out all of your problems, like little lego pieces, and put them back together into a soul-infused masterpiece while being deeply held, seen and heard by me in the process.

This is an invitation for you to enter into the sacredness of the unknown within your heart and experience the alchemy of pouring your never-spoken-out-loud anger, sadness, and unmet needs into my container of experience, safety and love.

In the 60 minute session, you can expect customized meditations, intuitive guidance based on over 10 years of doing this work, and practical recommendations for next steps.

One Dark Room Session Includes:

  • One 60 minute session with Thais

  • Recording, either audio or video, of the session

  • A 15 minute follow up 2-3 days after session

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are limited to one session per person within a six month period. If you want more time with Thais, please consider one of Thais' other coaching packages, which you can learn about HERE.

Once you book your session, I will send you a link to schedule our call together as well as a quick form so we can get straight to the heart of the matter during our session.

We will connect via video or audio call, and a recording will be sent to you after our session.

Two days after our session we will hop on a 15 minute call to answer any questions, receive additional support and leave feeling inspired and activated {this is part of my special sauce, if I may say so}.

I deeply hope you consider saying yes to this if you feel a space within you is longing to be heard.

Here is what one woman had to say about this session:

Recently I did a 60 minute session with Thais Sky and WOW. It was one of the most transformational and powerful hours of my entire life. I’ve literally invested tens of thousands of dollars in coaching, and read countless books, attended many seminars, and yet, I still would experience these pains and emotions that would lead me to procrastinate and self-sabotage as I reached for and accomplished each new level. I knew something had to change. Thais brought me back to deep childhood memories and taught me how to literally listen to the wisdom from my inner child, and for the first time in my life, really, fully and powerfully be there for myself. The following morning I woke up early and did all of my work with absolutely NO struggle or resistance and total ease. And these effects have only compounded since. Ease and flow without procrastination and heavy resistance. And I actually FEEL GOOD. I now know how to be present and there for myself. A true life changing gift. Thank you Thais! You’re phenomenal at what you’ve been called to do! I am so grateful for you and your boldness! - Jessica B.