I am a coach, writer + speaker for sensitive, smart, soulful women who want to explore, trust and express themselves unapologetically.

The crux of my work is healing deeper wounds, particularly the worthiness wound, and un-learning societal norms
in order to liberate women to step  into their most confident, courageous, whole selves.

This is not self-development work. This is soul work. And it has the capacity to change everything.

Here are the ways we can work together:


One-on-One private Coaching

I offer 1-1 coaching for seekers, visionaries + edge dwellers who are ready to take up space and build a life that is in congruency with their deepest desires. 

As you pursue this path, all of your internalized social conditioning that teaches you to play small gets activated. If you want to rise up in your chosen vocation, we must address the inevitable fears that arise around trusting your desires, your body’s messages and your voice.

Healing the worthiness wound and learning new skills of personal worth is critical to becoming a fully expressed woman. Together, we will build the necessary foundation for you to reach extraordinary heights as a visionary woman.

worthy women rise group program

Worthy Women RIse: The Group Program

How do I show up powerfully in the world? How do I put myself out there? How do I become more visible in my work?

It is inevitable for women who desire to be seen and take up space to feel shame and not enoughness. In our patriarchal culture, visibility and worthiness go hand in hand.

My signature Worthy Women Rise: the collective is a 4 month foundational online group program for emerging women leaders who want to learn the skill building framework on the art of personal worth in order to be unapologetic about their voice and their power.


nikki zajac testimonial


Thais is a vivacious kick-butt coach that sparks a fire in her clients. She pushes you past your comfort zone and holds you accountable to your goals, dreams and visions. I loved working with her and always left our calls feeling motivated to shine my light. - Nikki Zajac



She supported me and gave me space, through an amazing meditation, and some soul guiding questions to uncover some deep, childhood, sub-conscious mindsets that I had pushed aside for way too long. The clarity I am feeling is real, as I have a direction to go, and a process for release. I am so thankful for her talents, and so excited for myself and what I am able to claim! It is time to celebrate my inner badass!  - Amanda Brunngraeber