Stories carry tremendous power. The stories we tell ourselves and tell others have the capacity to determine the life we lead.

What if you held the sacred knowledge of how those stories were created in the first place? And the extent to which those stories are now playing out in your life?

What freedom may you be finally able to experience?

The best way to write a new story is to first become aware of the old one, then break free from it by literally writing a new one.

And that’s what The Stories We Tell workshop is for. This is a workshop designed to help you identify your internal stories, break your negative patterns, and heal your life.

During this nourishing half-day experience you will identify the trauma you’ve experienced, learned how this has created the stories you tell yourself, recognize the negative behaviors and patterns these stories have cultivated in your life, and—most importantly—you will learn how you can finally change these patterns and tell new stories that empower you and serve your growth.

Using meditations, journaling, and creative writing exercises, you will begin the tremendous work of transforming your life through self-awareness and storytelling. Are you ready to tell a new story?

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