In the following audio, I explore why we worry so much about what other people think of us, what we can begin to play with in order to start owning our spotlight in a greater capacity and a shift in perspective that you can implement right away.

I also have a really exciting announcement! 

My Own Your Spotlight Course is now available for purchase!

When women begin to examine the fears, conditioning and inadequacies around visibility, we realize that we belonged here all this time, that our lovability is without question, and that our voice is required for the evolution of the planet. In this knowing, real freedom is inevitable.

OYS Program is a 12-week online digital offering for emerging women leaders who want to rise up, be seen + own their spotlight.

The content of this group program is a culmination of my personal experiences and education in women's psychology and spirituality, and the feedback I have received from women around the world on the challenges and difficulties of being your true self + claiming space in a culture that thrives off of women's silence.

I have restructured this program since its last iteration in January in a way that makes this three month experience even more relevant to the times.

You will be given the practical tools and skills required to own your worth unapologetically as exactly as you are, step into leadership that aligns with your fullest expression as a woman, and find your voice so you can clearly communicate your needs, your boundaries, and your message to the world.

Because during this critical time on the human planet, one thing is clear:

We are in desperate need of more women's stories. Stories of ache and longing. Stories of success and expansion. Stories of challenges and resilience.

YOUR stories.

If we are to create meaningful impact and change the world to one that is more conducive to women's psychology, to one that allows women to thrive in their birthright of existence, to one where equality and honoring all spectrums of gender expression are a reality, we must bring our full stories out of our heads and into the conversation.

We must present our complete expression.

We must offer our biggest contribution.

Stepping into your visibility + spotlight is not an individual concern, it's a collective imperative.

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To your worth,