stop being yourself by women's leadership coach and spiritual teacher thais

A dogmatic statement that I just can’t stand anymore is “be yourself" or ”be who you are" or “just be authentically you.”

That sounds nice. But what does it mean? And how can we implement it?

It’s not like we walk around trying to NOT be ourselves. So why can it be so hard sometimes?

Watch my video below to hear my thoughts on "being yourself" and how to feel more authentic in your life:

If you deeply believe that you are NOT ok being who you are, on any level, whether conscious or unconscious, then you are not going to be able to step into your spontaneous, joyful, authentic self.

Place your hands on your heart and repeat after me: The world deeply needs me to shine. I choose to trust myself and my worth. I am safe here. I am safe here. I am safe here.

Whenever you forget, whenever you don't feel like you can be YOU in any given situation, whenever you feel timid or shy or scared or intimidated or shaky or nervous or anything beyond the peaceful, present being that you innately are, use this tool. Remind yourself of your safety.

When we feel at home within ourselves, nothing can shake us.

To your worth,