women's leadership coach and spiritual teacher thais on being happy

"The law of life is this: the less one lives in harmony with the truth within, the more one suffers; but the more one lives in harmony with that truth, the more one experiences unending happiness" - Paramhansa Yogananda

I want you to take a moment to notice how you are doing right now. Are you feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Excited? What does your energy level look like right now? Is it high, medium, low?

Take a moment to really feel into your current state of being. Ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, how ideal is your life right now, one being not ideal at all and ten being totally ideal. Are you where you want to be, physically, emotionally and energetically? Notice what answers arises when you have no judgment for what comes up.

Why am I asking you to do this?

Because when it comes to creating a life you love, you first have to completely align yourself with where you are in the moment. Fooling yourself into believing that you are happy or satisfied is one of the biggest detriment you can do to yourself. We can't get to where we want to go if we are making an enemy out of the present by ignoring it altogether. If we cannot face our current reality and be fully honest with our happiness level, how can we know what needs to change?

Now I am not saying to not try to make the most of where you are and to find gratitude despite the darkness. What I am saying is that sometimes we THINK we are happy when we really aren't. Faking happiness is inauthentic and flat out painful.

I know this because I did it for a good year and a half. I thought I was in a relationship that was going to lead to marriage. I thought that my job was going to lead to an amazing career. But the reality was that the relationship was completely wrong for me and the job burned me out. I kept hoping that at some point in the future it was all going to turn out while simultaneously ignoring all the signs slapping my face in the present telling me I was not listening to my intuition. I had too much pride and ego invested in my current situation and so I faked happy because I didn't want to admit I made a wrong and that I wasn't where I wanted to be.

Needless to say, once I committed to honestly looking at my current reality, I realized somethings gotta give. All I had to do was give my life space of "I am ready for something new" and within a month I quit my job, ended my old relationship, moved back to my hometown where I was handed another job that paid double what I was making AND I met a new man that turned out to be the love of my life.

We are extremely good at fooling ourselves because we prefer to be in our current miserable reality where we at least know how things turn out than take a risk for happiness and things turn out even worse. So we pretend we truly are happy and satisfied, or if we aren't then it will magically get better if we just keep doing what we've been doing. 

That's not a way to live life, my friend. You deserve better. You deserve all the happiness, joy, peace, abundance that the Universe can provide. When we live in fear of the future, we are saying that we don't trust our own tenacity, nor do we trust the divine grace of God's love.

So first, you have to be clear on where you are. It starts by noticing the signs. Are you going home exhausted, unhappy, and dreading waking up the next day? Are you crying yourself to sleep longing for something better? Do you fight with your significant other constantly and then make it up and hope to never fight again?

Just by bringing awareness to where you are, you are inviting love to come in and shift your perspective. Know that wherever you are is exactly you are supposed to be. There is no shame in the struggle AND when we can bring light to it, we get the clarity we need to change it.

If we are too caught up pretending to be happy with where we are, we do no give space for the Universe to step in and give us something even better. It's amazing what happens when you remove what is no longer serving you. You make room for what you want to come into your life. And guess what? What you want tends to show up, almost by magic.

But it's not magic. It's the law of life.

To your worth,