stop being so busy by thais, women's leadership coach and spiritual teacher

Hey darling!

This past weekend I was watching a documentary on the Titanic. It was fascinating. One of the things that I learned is that contrary to popular belief, there was not ONE thing that led to the Titanic's demise, but rather a culmination of unfortunate events.

One such happenstance was the fault of the Titanic's morse code operator. You see, he was a very busy man that evening with a pile of notes to be sent out to New York from the passengers of the ship. So busy, in fact, that when he received an income message from the neighboring ship warning him of upcoming icebergs, he took his headphones off so he could concentrate on the work ahead of him.

Had he taken heed of this message, he could have warned the captain to slow the boat from its full speed. The whole disaster may have been prevented.

But he had too much work to do.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

The message he received from the neighboring ship did not sound pressing. In fact, it was relayed almost in a playful manner. So the morse code operator, sensing that the message wasn’t important, took off his headphones.

Yes, it was silly for the neighboring ship to send such an important message in a lighthearted tone.


I think it’s just such a beautiful illustration for what happens in our lives all the time.

Many of us have goals and dreams we are working towards. We have ideas of how our lives should look. We have markers we want to hit and indications that we are on the right path.

We are always in a state of moving forward. It’s fabulous to want to grow and learn and change and mature and evolve.

And sometimes, we get so caught up in the busyness of everything that we are doing, that we don’t stop to question whether or not we are happy. Whether or not we are getting the results that we want from this. Whether or not we are being busy to avoid intimacy. Whether or not we are missing the playful signs from the Universe saying, “there’s a better way.”

Pausing and tapping into your needs and emotions and giving yourself space to honor where you are and what may be coming up for you is crucial.

Because the alternative leads you to miss things. Missing the smell of the roses on your walk to work. Missing the signs of our intuition letting us know that this is not the right guy. Missing the playfulness of the Universe alerting you of danger ahead.

It’s time we got more intimate with our lives. That we get curious at the little signs and feelings and experiences that spontaneously arises. That we question the busyness.

Busyness, my love, is not a sign of importance. We are all busy. We all have stuff going on. Rather, busyness is an indication that you’re not present. Busyness is avoidance of what is real. Busyness is the hamster running around in the wheel tiring itself out thinking it got somewhere.

When you become more intentional with your time and create more space around your activities, you open doors for possibilities.

Of course, the reason we deny ourselves the luxury of time and space is because we are afraid of what will come up. We are afraid we may be doing it all wrong. That we are not really on the right path. Doubt and fears come up when we slow it down.

THAT IS SO GOOD. It means you are allowing everything you have suppressed to come through. Let it breathe. Allow it to move through your pores. Sit with it. Listen to it. Be with it. And then just like that, it too shall pass. And beyond the dark clouds you will find an immense light of the divine within you. The place within you that is always guiding you, nourishing you, supporting you. The place within you that whispers soft nothings. The place within you that will guide you home again and again and again.

Risk the darkness for the light. Trust the space. Stop with the busyness. And maybe you will be able to catch the signs of life before you hit an iceberg.

To your worth,