how to be a leader thais los angeles

Being a leader has nothing to do with position.

Over the years I have seen TWO main differences between those that consider their lives fulfilling and successful and those who are constantly struggling to make theirs so.

And it all lies with the concept of leadership.

One believes that leadership is about fancy titles, being at the right place at the right time, working super hard, and commandeering other people.

The other believes that leadership is about self-efficacy, taking ownership of the results they are getting, and trusting their worthiness.

Can you guess which is which?

Those who are happy and whole and enjoys their life are those who purposefully choose to lead a life + biz that is authentically theirs. 

And this takes a LOT of courage, mainly because we make the majority of our decisions from a combination of belief systems we have established as children, societal expectations, and fear. 

When we add the layer of changing circumstances, unclear results, and confusing relationships, it's no wonder we are not authentically leading anything. Most of us, sadly, have very little ACTUAL freedom. Everything we say and do is from years of programming and fear.

I don't mean to paint such a negative picture... but that is why I take what I do as a leadership coach so seriously. Because the more I see how stuck and afraid I've been, and created ways out of that fear-based life and into love, the more I know it's not only possible for others but it's a responsibility for all of us.

Because if we want to be true change makers, we cannot do what everyone else is doing.

I remember like it was just yesterday when I deeply believed I was broken. I believed there was no room on this planet for me. I believed I was flawed in such a fundamental way that I was going to forever run my life in misery, shame and doubt.

With time and commitment, I learned how to transform that darkness into light. And, may I add, am STILL learning. There is no arrival when it comes to self-acceptance, just a continuous evolution and unfolding. And hopefully, we learn some things along the way. And that is what I want to share with you.

So this coming month my love notes will be on principles of leadership so you can find, connect with and embrace your inner leader and develop a system so you can feel powerful every day.

Because when you step into your power and embody your greatness, you teach others love and you give them permission to shine their light. This is the most important work of our lives.

The FIRST STEP, my love, in taking ownership of the leader within you, your higher self, the self that wants to embody their inner babass is to clear the noise.

That's right, you gotta STOP taking in all the useless information and start making space for the wisdom within you to come out.

How often I have been caught waking up and immediately turning on my phone to see what I have missed on social media. Then I get dressed and go to my computer to continue to check in with the world. I spend the day focusing on what is happening OUT THERE, wondering why I am burning out and it's only 11am. Does this resonate with you?

I know so many people who have the TV on ALL THE TIME when they are home. Or the radio. Or music. Constant news, chatter, information is streaming into our consciousness.

How can our intuition, our power, come forth if we are totally numbing ourselves to what is happening inside?

I will admit that when I started my business, I signed up for over 350 newsletters. 350!! And I read most of them. Every day. 

And as you can guess, I felt more lost than ever when it came to how to take my business to the new level I wanted because I didn't know what my truth was. I knew what Her truth was. I knew what system worked for Him. But for me, the more newsletters I subscribed to, the more powerless I became.

So I made a bold commitment to remove myself from every single list. 

I cut down the noise. 

I hired a coach. 

And most importantly, I started to pay attention what felt good for ME. I made radical decisions that no one agreed with but felt perfect for me. And when I gave myself this permission, I became clearer on what to do.

So my darling, my soulwork for you is to notice where the NOISE is coming in and how can you cut it down. Maybe that is spending only 30 min a day on social media. Or read less news. Or watch TV only when your show is on. Or commit to a morning practice before you turn on your phone. 

Get in the habit of seeking information from within rather than without and your inner leader will not lead you astray.

To your worth,