crappy emotions by spiritual teacher thais

Hey there!

I am writing this love note from sunny California to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday AND take a workshop with my business coach and so far the trip has been just spectacular. Nothing like a little sun to help this brasilian thaw!

Today I share with you a topic that I think we can all resonate with - how to handle crappy emotions. Maybe you got an unexpected rejection {like I did} or maybe things just aren't going the way you want. No matter what negative emotion may be arising, this video love note shares my tip for dealing with them.

Brushing off our negative emotions by numbing ourselves, pretending nothing is wrong, or forcing ourselves to be positive leads to serious distrust because what you are essentially saying to yourself is that you are wrong for feeling how you are feeling. That is why this tip is so powerful in not only overcoming negative emotions but using them to power you forward.

Fear, doubt, disappointment; these are normal emotions that every single person on this planet experiences. Sometimes we take these emotions so seriously! It's kind of like getting mad at ourselves when we are 2 years old for not being able to walk right away. As adults, we know that walking takes time and practice. Yet, when we try something now, we expect immediate positive results. But like anything in life, doing new things, putting yourself out there in new ways, taking risks; it involves a certain resolve to stick with it despite the obstacles. Allow these negative emotions to be a part of the experience but do not believe for one minute that because you are experiencing them, you are doing it all wrong.

Negative emotions are not a sign you are doing things wrong but rather a sign of growth.

Keep putting yourself out there, love. And know that this too shall pass.

To your worth,