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A few weeks ago I wrote about desires.

And how, although it can feel frustrating at times to have desires and not know what to do with it, on the whole, desires are how we honor our soul's journey on this planet. You can read that here.

Today, I want to add another layer to this conversation and talk about what to do when you're going after what you want... but you're not getting any results.

Maybe you've been busting ass at work to get a promotion, and nothing is happening.

Or you've been manifesting the crap out of inviting in more money, and you still feel broke.

Or you really want a partner to share your life with, but no matter how many dates you go on, nothing works out.

So I created a video love note on some words of wisdom around what to do when you're not getting what you want. If you're feeling wrong or bad or not enough because you are doing all the right things, but you're not getting what everyone "promised" you would get, then this video love note is for you.

Whatever you do, do not give up. Do not despair. Do not fear. I know the challenges of going after what you want. You don't quit your full-time job to become an entrepreneur and move across the country where you only know one person without getting some scrapes and bruises.

But from that experience, I have to say, that if you don't enjoy the journey, you're really not going to enjoy it when you get what you want. If you don't learn how to be in your life during the process, you're going to find ways to be dissatisfied when you finally reach your goals. Because there will always be a bigger goal.There will always be another desire. And if you keep peddling without checking out the scenery, you're going to find yourself running circles, wondering why you're miserable.

To your worth,