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Let us forget, with generosity, those who cannot love us - Pablo Neruda

A few days ago I was driving, minding my business, jamming out to Krishna Das, when some dude completely cut me off, forcing me to slam on my breaks. I am not going to lie, I got a little angry. Ok, a lot angry. I don't have road rage, per se, but I can certainly get riled up when I see rude behavior. I felt SO justified in my anger towards this dude! 

And then I remember something I read in A Course In Miracles the other week where it said that "every encounter is a holy encounter." That got me thinking about how we react when people don't treat us the way we want to be treated. How can we continue to hold the space of a "holy encounter" when people are rude to us or hurt our feelings?

In this video, I share with you my thoughts around this concept and how to shift your heart towards those who may not "deserve" our love.

We have such clear ideas of how other people should lead their lives. And the question is, why do we think that we know what the right way is?

Next time someone is rude to you or cuts you off or acts in a way you do not approve, see how you may be able to extend some love and compassion their way by first extending love your way.

When I felt into my anger for the guy that cut me off, instead of continuing to go on in my head about how he was wrong, I was suddenly very aware that that anger was just fear for my life. When I was able to notice that, the anger dissipated, the fear dissipated, and I was able to move forward without the charge of the blame and separation.

Living in our justified anger is a pretty lonely endeavor. Sure, in the short term we may feel some serious pleasure in putting others down and blaming other people. But in the long term, the more we play victim, the longer we will be stuck in this trap of lack of love. 

Love simply does not discriminate.

When you hold back on love for anyone, you are holding back love from yourself and ultimately keeping you from the true experience of Universal love. Come back to the holiness that is life, that's the only place that love can exist.

To your worth,