being unfuckwithable with thais sky

First, a story.

One day, Marilyn Monroe and her friend Susan were walking through the streets of New York City. No one recognized them, which puzzled Susan. How did no one notice this iconic bombshell walking in their midst?

Suddenly, Marilyn asks Susan, “Want to see Marilyn”?

Within seconds, something about Marilyn changed. She made an inner adjustment and before Susan knew it, people crowded around them, fans screamed, and cameras went off.

Want to know what that “inner adjustment” was?

Simple: she turned ON.

But turning on can feel anything but simple when you actually have to do it, especially when we have never been taught how to hone this special power. Maybe you made it this far by reading a lot of books, or because you’re freaking passionate about changing the world, even in just a small way. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you feel comfortable in your own skin - or that you can easily turn on, when it comes to feeling confident and uninhibited to lead a life that feels fully yours, and not everyone else's {or your own} expectations. 

The struggle is real. But it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Here are two things to NOT do on the path of being unfuckwithable + turning ON:

1. Faking it till you making it only works for so long

People can smell inauthenticity from a mile away. Pretending like you’re better than you are, bigger than you are, smarter or more successful than you are may get you a few wins but it’s not a long term strategy. Eventually, that fraud feeling is going to catch up with you. People are going to call you out. And that inflated sense of worthiness is going to crash in all around you. The better strategy? Own where you are.

Seriously. Own your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Own your limitations. When you do, no one can use them against you. And believe it or not, it attracts more incredible things and opportunities to you. Because when you're real with the world, everything feels better.

2. Stop caring about what people think

Being unfuckwithable is not about pretending it doesn’t matter {because it does} or bulldozing the world with YOUR way. It’s an inner adjustment, a fine tuning of your beliefs, a shift from giving away your power to embracing it.

It’s ok to care what other people think, we are social creatures. It’s ok to want your work to be perfect, it means want only the best for the world. It’s not ok to paralyze yourself with your strengths. It’s NOT ok to deny your community your unique talents because of your fears.

You see, being a kind, caring, compassionate person is a strength. The problem is, when we get hurt and rejected, we experience shame around our strengths. We try to keep it down. And before we know it it’s morphed from being caring, to doubting and obsessing and worrying about what other people think.

The problem isn’t the caring - it’s the container for which we hold it in. You’re allowed to care. But first, start loving on yourself for all the talents and strengths you have.

It’s time for you to unleash your unfuckwithable self with the world. It’s time to transform into your version of Monroe. It’s time to own YOUR spotlight. And most importantly, it’s time to rise the fuck up. Let’s do this.