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The world needs more leaders.

Because it's leaders who have the power to change the status quo. Can you imagine how our planet would look if everyone believed they were capable of being powerful change makers simply by leading their lives fully?

I am not talking about more of the same - namely stuffy people in suits. I am talking about people like you and me who see a vision of a better world and decide they are going to do more than just vote and hope for the best - they are going to take action.

I have written many posts on leadership, including the secret to leadership {and getting everything you want} and why you are a leader.

Today I want to discuss the three elements required for this new type of leadership and my tips for integrating them into your life. 

These three components are the essential elements to anyone who wants to influence, inspire and change the world based on my experience of studying and teaching leadership in the corporate setting and in intimate gatherings for the past 10 years.

There is a new wave of leadership happening in the world. One that feels AMAZING for us women. This is where it starts:

1) Speak your truth, consistently.
At the end of the day, language is everything. How you say what you want to say, the words that you use and when you say it are all crucial when it comes to increasing your influence and being a change maker. In order to be a powerful leader, you have to feel confident in your self-expression including when to say no {and how to do it kindly}, how to lay compassionately clear boundaries, how to ask for what you want and how to take inspired action. What you say is in direct correlation to your integrity and the more we can create a foundation aligned with our morals and our needs, the more our actions will influence and be a catalyst for the transformation of others.

Tip for integrating this into your life: Start noticing how often you don’t say what you really need, want or believe because you are afraid. What are your beliefs around speaking up? The new vision of leaders speak their truth lovingly and unapologetically. It’s time to start trusting your truth because it’s really your soul speaking to you. I am not saying for you to just say what’s top-of-mind at all times, I am simply encouraging you to notice how often you bite your tongue and most importantly, WHY. The more clarity you can gain from developing this self-awareness, the more you are going to find strength to speak your truth.

2) Own your worth, indefinitely.
If you don't believe in yourself, no one will either. This simple truth can be SO HARD to change in ourselves. And yet, it's absolutely crucial in order for us to feel confident enough to write that newsletter or post on social media or get in front of a camera or introduce a new concept to the world.

Leaders like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, Jr knew their value with such tenacity that they were able to do the work they were meant to do without being shaken by the haters and the small-minded. Mother Teresa raised millions of dollars for her cause. You simply can't do that if you don't believe you are good enough. If you do not own your worth, any little comment, every moment of shame, will silence you forever.

Tip for integrating this into your life: Part of why we feel we are unworthy of success is because we have deep feelings of inadequacy and not enoughness. In order for you to move through these feelings, it’s important for you to first get familiar with why they come in the first place. The more we can acknowledge the fear and unworthiness, the more we can heal it. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. By realizing that it's there and giving space for it to voice its concerns {because everything we experience has good intentions}, the less power it has over you and the more freedom you will find to act in spite of it.

3) Stand in your presence, permanently.
You can't speak to every one in the room, but your presence can. In fact, people are more transformed by who you are than anything else. Which means you may be missing out on a lot of clients and opportunities simply by your presence. Part of standing in presence is also the understanding that you have {consciously or not} given permission for people to treat you the way they have. Which means if you are leading a workshop or a presentation, and people are talking over you or not paying attention, it means you have somehow given them permission to do so.

Tip for integrating this into your life: It's important for you to take self-responsibility for how people are treating you. Are you being disrespected by your colleagues? Do people not take you seriously? Whatever is happening outside of you is an opportunity for you to reflect how you may not be taking yourself seriously enough. 

And remember, love: you were born a leader, not a follower. Your soul longs for its own journey, not the journey everyone pushes on you. 

"You can never leave footprints that last if you are are always walking on tiptoe" - Leymah Gbowee.