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Oh goodness it's been a rough few weeks.

Are you feeling it too?

The intense energy of everything happening around and in us. The Syrian crisis. The Dakota access pipeline. The elections. The climate change stuff.

Personally, I've been really sitting with the idea of white woman privilege. Of the problems we do not have simply because we are white women in America. With privilege comes great responsibility.

It has made me step back. And sit with the collective pain. The heartbreak of the suffering in the world.

How do we help? It is superficial to be focused on my stuff during this time? What can I do?

These questions are big. Life altering. Scary.

Everything feels dark. Senseless. Painful. And that's not even including our own challenges of 2016. The failed expectations. The losses.

It can feel easy to shut down. To feel uninspired. To hide. It's certainly been my experience, at least.

I don't have all the answers. But I have some thoughts. Take what lands. And let's gently move into the new year together. There are brighter times ahead.

1. It's not all yours.

As sensitive beings, it's easy to inherit the energy of the collective. Sometimes, when there are a lot of shifts happening around us, we cannot help but feel it ourselves. Even if it has nothing to do with us directly. This is a part of being an empath. Now, that's not to say don't honor and feel what you are currently experiencing. But it does loosen the burden of processing it all by yourself. Feel it out. If you're suddenly feeling sad for no "reason," it may be a Universal energy you are picking up on. Thank it for inviting you to slow down. Send compassion. Breathe. And then let it go.

2. Take it slow

Because we live in a society that shames feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety, it's easy to feel ashamed and attempt to deny our emotions. But that is not the answer. Instead, I have found that inviting mindfulness and slowing down can really soothe our soul. I have used this opportunity in the past few weeks to journal, meditate, have heart to hearts with girlfriends, and to slow the fuck down. Don't run away. Don't suppress. If everything is divine, this is a divine reminder that doing doing doing isn't always the answer.

3. Let it break you

"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." Rumi

When we are in moments of pain, it's easy to want to close up. To shut everything out. To ignore the world.

But if you're brave enough to let the experience open you, something amazing happens. Your mind expands. Your capacity to hold compassion increases. You open yourself up to the unexpected.

You become the phoenix rising.

As I have sat with white woman privilege, and how to make sure I am not focusing on conversations and issues that are predominantly white woman based, I've allowed myself to feel all the confusion in my body. Doing so has afforded me space for new information. For new ways of seeing things. For miracles.

I don't need to know everything. More answers are coming. I just have to trust. And breathe. And allow it all to be a part of my experience.

Hold yourself tight. You got this. The light is coming.

In light + love,

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