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I want to talk to you about stories. And how they may be playing a vital role in your ability to grow and shine.

We all have stories, or reasons for why we are who we are. These stories include traumas that have shaped our essence and adventures that thrill us to this day. We would not be where we are and who we are without these stories. 

Can you think back to a few stories from your life that impacts you to this day? Maybe every time you see a dog you think of your dog that passed away when you were 5. Or whenever you spend money frivolously you remember your dad teaching you how to use your piggy bank. 

Our relationship to many of these stories are harmless. They bring up memories but do not elicit any strong reactions or inhibit our actions in any way. Sharing stories with our friends and family is an incredible way of building connection. 

On the flip side, there are stories that are more than just stories. There are stories where we attach meaning. We define ourselves by these stories. In some ways, we are proud of holding on to these stories to explain our shortcomings {and inadvertently give away our power}.

Let's go back to my first two examples, the dog and the frivolous spending. At first, the story seems innocent - every time you see a dog, you think of your dog that died when you were 5. But what if even though your dog died of natural causes, you linked his death as your fault and now you think you can never own a dog because you are irresponsible. That story, that you added meaning to, now limits you.

Or how about the spending money example. Whenever you spend money frivolously you think of your dad. Ok so far that's great. But what if thinking of your dad elicits feelings of guilt for spending all that money which leads you to spend more money. Now, that story is limiting you.

Are you catching a pattern here?

Often times, the meaning we attach to our stories run our lives. These associations with things that happened in the past become a part of our present. Not only did we have to deal with childhood traumas, but now we continue to traumatize ourselves and limit our potential by creating meaning of those stories.

Here’s a silly example: when I was little my older cousin used to slap my forehead and call me “big forehead.” I did not have an unusually big forehead but I became traumatized by the experience and grew out bangs. Till this day whenever I look in the mirror my eyes go straight to my forehead and I check to make sure it looks ok. Everyday that I allow myself to carry this story into my present instead of choosing to see my beauty, I am limiting my present moment.

Everyday we have an opportunity to choose how our stories affect us.

It’s as if we are walking around dragging a 50lb suitcase filled with our stories, refusing to let go because we believe that baggage is who we are. 

Well I am here to tell you - you are more than those stories. Just like I am more than my judgement about my forehead. And every passing day you can choose to take responsibility for the stories you are carrying around and then let them go. 

Own your stories, sister. Embrace them and take responsibility for how it's impacting you. Are you still letting the things that person said or did to you all those years ago impact your ability to show up and shine your light?

So here’s some soul work for you this week: Start noticing the stories you are believing about yourself. Journal how these stories may be limiting your experience of life. Make a commitment to own these stories and then let them go.

To your worth,