thais leadership teacher on making an impact

I was having dinner this weekend with a group of friends and we were on the topic of how to share your message to the world.

The conversation sparked something I've heard in the past during a weekend retreat. It was a Q&A session and a woman in the audience asked what could she do to help spread the transformation she was experiencing? What words can she use to explain this spiritual stuff so more people are interested? She had a desperate and sincere desire to help others experience this incredible feeling she was having. 

I think anyone on the transformation journey has energetically asked this question in some capacity before. How can I teach my coworker/boss/partner how to be more loving and compassionate? How can I spread my message to more people? How can I increase the people in my classes? I have wisdom to share goshdarnit!

The leader of the retreat and my teacher, Krishna Das, answered beautifully.

He said: you cannot change people who have their fists closed {close minded}. Telling people they have to do this or have to try this is usually not successful because people don’t want to be helped. Like, who are you to tell anyone what they should or should not do? What makes you the elected helper of the world?

It may have been a bit blunt... but he does call upon a good point. If people don't ask for our help, how do we help them? How does one go about spreading our inner wisdom to the world if it's not our place to change people's minds?

The answer is best left to the experts: you must be the change you wish to see in this world - Gandhi.

The world needs more people BEING the change then just TALKING the change. 

When we intentionally live our wisdom, the world will be changed.

We must LIVE our practice. And commit to showing up for our shit every damn day.

As you become happier in your own life, you cannot help but shine it out to the world, right? I mean, I am sure you’ve been in the presence of someone who just had that IT factor. That internal happiness that radiated from their beingness.

You may not have known what was happening, but you knew you wanted to be around this person because they made you feel a little more whole. Around them, life was OK. And whatever they said, you knew to be true because they were living it. 

When you truly embody the practice and start living what you preach, people come with open hands {open minds} and beg to know your secret because they can see the manifestation. They will tell their friends who will tell their friends about this incredible person who makes them feel great. THAT is how you enroll others. 

Ultimately, if we want to grow an authentic presence in the world, it has to come from a place of service and genuine understanding. Everything starts by going within.

So to all of you who are longing to step into being a change maker, start with yourself. Continue to do the work. Take your own advice. Live your truth. Freakin’ do the practice. Shine so brightly you cannot help but illuminate the whole room. 

And then from THAT place - share your message. From an embodied place of generosity, your message will land much more deeply. What we share from Ego will land in Ego. What you share from Truth will land in their hearts so deeply they will wonder what the heck hit them. 

You will notice a substantial difference in the impact you make in this world.

THIS is transformational leadership.

To your worth,