money mindset is bullshit thais sky

I have much to say about the connection between the worthiness wound and money. In fact, I have seen a direct correlation between addressing and healing the worthiness wound and women's capacity to ask for money, receive money, and handle more money with ease.

But that is not the content of today's video. Today, I want to highlight the insidious beliefs embedded in the coaching industry around the money mindset, making six figures, and the law of attraction. Enjoy!

To be clear, I am not saying there's anything wrong with desiring or having a six figure+ business. In fact, I believe it is women with money who have the greatest capacity to make a change in the world. AND, having money in it of itself is not a political act. In order to be of positive change, one must understand how money plays a part in the larger economic system, and be unapologetic about using that money in such ways that elevate the community rather than detracts.

Untangling our worth from the problematic nature of the law of attraction, money mindset and other bullshit is a great place to start.

To your worth,

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