The other week I shared a post on Facebook about showing up consistently. Today, I want to dive more into this concept of what it means to really show up and own your spotlight.

Here is the post that I shared:

“I see a lot of self-judgment from women for not being able to "show up consistently" every single day.

There are many problems with this expectation but the one that has been at the forefront of my mind is… what if women’s biology was not amenable to being the same everyday, and pushing the idea of showing up consistently is another way we allow the masculine culture to shame women

What if instead, we took into consideration that women are cyclical creatures, moving in tune with the external cycles of the seasons and the moon, and the internal cycles of our hormones and menstruation? What if there was a radical new way we could be showing up, that is in alignment with all of life?

Taking up space powerfully as women requires a whole new set of rules. And this exploration excites the fuck out of me.”

And it really really does excite me.

Our internal cycle shifts the chemistry in our body four times throughout our 28 day cycle, creating four distinct “women” within each of us, each with her own needs and desires. And the more we can understand how our cycle affects our mood and energy level {beyond the culture obsessed craze with blaming everything on PMS}, the better we can navigate how to own our spotlight and show up fully as our whole selves.

Going all out every day of the year without a pause is a recipe for not only a break down… but for a vast departure from living in alignment with our rhythm, a rhythm necessary to access our intuition, our vitality, our wisdom.

But this is what we’ve been taught. To push through our emotions, our intuition, our innate timing for some arbitrary sense of success. Coupled with our method of self-preservation of people pleasing and obsessing with what other people think, it’s no wonder we carry a lot of guilt and shame if we deviate from the norm and do what feels right for us.

And yet, this is one of the powerful ways we can stop being at war with ourselves and start honoring our limitations and expressions. In this way, being inconsistent is not disempowering, it’s liberating.

And if want to change culture, we first have to be unapologetic about our timing.

Notice when you have the expectation to show up the same way every day. Tend to the fears that try to convince you that you are broken, and instead practice surrendering to the needs of the moment. What if this was enough? What if you are showing up exactly how you’re supposed to? What if by honoring our flow, we are gently inviting in a greater yes to our life, a yes to the magic that regulates the Universe?

In this breath, this is enough.

To your worth,

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