Hey love,

I am excited to talk to you this week about how to respond to hateful comments. Because I think at one point of another, we all receive them. Whether it's on the internet or in person, the world is filled with people with opinions and inevitably you will be on the receiving end of some negative thoughts.

Many women I speak to are afraid of putting themselves out there for exactly this reason. What if their message won't be well received? What if people alienate them? What is they get booed or get a dislike or get called our as a fraud or simply get a big fat MEAN COMMENT? Then what?

In this video I address various aspects of receiving negative comments including:

  • Why negative comments might be affecting you the way they do
  • What NOT to do when responding to negative comments
  • Why it's important to notice when you want to put negative stuff out in the world

It's pretty amazing how obsessed we become when we receive negative comments even in the midst of positive ones. Mainly, this is biological. Negative comments trigger our primitive survival instincts whereas positive comments do not.

Luckily, we are more than just our instincts. We are conscious human beings. And now we can use the emotions that stem from receiving negative comments as a mechanism to alert us where we are still needing the approval of others and where we are experiencing lack within us.

To your worth,