women's leadership coach thais on fraud

It happens to the best of us.

One moment we are feeling so good about what we are doing. And the very next moment, we are totally paralyzed with thoughts like, "who am I to do this?" or "I don't deserve this, I'm really just a fraud!" or "someone else can surely do this better than me."

No matter how "successful" we become, these thoughts pop into our minds like daisies, but unlike the sweet flower it stays long after it's welcomed.

So how do we move past it and keep doing the work we are meant to do? 

In this week's video note I share one of my methodologies that supports me when I feel unworthy of my message:

Here's a statistic that doesn't really shock me: 70% of all people have at one time or another felt like a fraud. Even Albert Einstein.

So you are not alone, love in thinking that you may not be good enough for what you want. 

But I think you are. In fact, I think the world needs your total badass self to go out there in a big way.

Watch the video above for my tip for moving through these inadequacies.

Still don't believe me? Take a moment to write down ALL of your achievements, big or small. Write down the compliments you've received in the past week or month. Look at the positive comments posted on your social media.

This doesn't just "happen." You receive this love because you are worthy of it. Can you take this in? Can you accept just how amazing and brilliant you are? The more you can take it in, the less debilitating your doubts will be.

Who are you to be doing this work? My darling, who are you NOT?

To your worth,