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I want to talk to you a little bit about clarity. Because when it comes to moving forward to our dream life, we feel like we have to have everything perfectly laid out.

Our goal has to be clear.

The steps to the goal has to be clear.

Our goal has to align with every aspect of who we think we should be.

Our goal has to align with what everyone else expects of us.

And if any of those things are NOT clear, then we don't move forward.

Am I right or am I right?

OR we just flat out don't know what we want, so how can we move towards our dreams? 

That's how I felt about my coaching business, to be totally honest with you. 

My website had to be PERFECT. My "target market" had to be totally clear to me.  My one year business plan had to be 100%. And I didn't reallyyyy know what I even wanted my business plan to look like. So until I felt that perfect clarity, I didn't want to act because, well, what if I did something wrong? What if I had to backtrack. What a waste of time! Much better not to act at all.

Watch my video below where I share with you my three tips for gaining clarity and what I think may be really stopping you from being clear on what you want:

When we give ourselves permission to dream, the HOW magically unfolds.

I encourage you this week to take action on any one of my three tips to move you from stuckness to clarity. Your desires are meant to be expressed, my love.

To your worth,