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Back in November when Mark and I first started talking about me moving to California in 2015 I made a commitment that this move was going to different than my painful move to Jersey a few years ago. I was not going to stress {well, as much as a type a control freak of a person can not stress} and it was going to be enjoyable, darn it!

When we think of manifestation, we generally think of things just happening for us. But obviously my stuff was not going to move itself. In order to move to LA successfully, I was going to have to take some action.

HOWEVER, there is a difference between taking action and controlling every moving part and freaking out if it doesn't come together exactly as envisioned. Know what I mean? Too often in my life I was a part of the former team, setting high expectations, working my ass off hoping to attain it, not enjoying the journey at all, getting disappointed and starting all over again.

There is a different way.

When it comes to creating a life you love, there are two major schools of thought. The hustle team, and the dreamer team. Which one are you?

After a lot of hard earned lessons, I am here to tell you there's a totally new way. A middle way. A powerful way. Click the image below to watch my video and learn the two schools of thought and what the middle way can look like in your life:

ONE of the ways to give space in our lives is to commit to taking one action a day that will drastically move our life forward, and then taking time to go feel amazing. THIS is the way of a feminine leader. Do what you can, and then let go of the rest by spending time doing what you love. 

Better than freaking out and getting stress headaches and ulcers, wouldn't you say?

To your worth,