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Hey love,

Do you often find yourself in states where you don’t know who you are? One moment, totally clarity. The next, despair, fear + complete confusion over what you are doing, what you truly believe, and who you are supposed to be.

If so, you are definitely not alone. In fact, this kind of confusion is something I know very intimately in my life.

When I am in one of those spaces of lack of clarity, I feel a tightening in my chest, almost a panic bubbling up to the surface as I look around in fear.

It's in these moments of lack of clarity that I realize some of the biggest truths of life. And that’s what I want to share with you today. The how to come back - how to find yourself after you’ve left yourself.

I've written before about what lack of clarity really means, which you can read about here.

Today, let’s dive into next steps.

But first, a short story.

During my recent retreat, I learned a fabulous short parable. You may be familiar with the Ramayana {pronounced Rah-maa-yuh-na} which depicts the story of a prince, Rama {a God incarnate} and his wife, Sita, as they battle the evil lord, Ravana. At one point in the tale, Sita is kidnapped by Ravana, and Rama, desperate to find her, stumbles upon a clan of monkeys to vow to help him find her. One of the monkeys, Hanuman, sees Rama for who he really is, a God incarnate, and falls in love. He commits to do anything to help him. He leads the search party south and comes to learn that Sita is currently captive on the island of Sri Lanka. Chanting the name "Rama" over and over again, he finds the courage to leap thousands of miles to the island, to let Sita know an army is coming to get her out. When Rama makes his way south to where the monkeys wait for him, he has to build a bridge to get to her. They build the bridge, rescue her, kill Ravana and lives happily ever after.

Moral of story: The mantra "Rama" in that crucial moment held more power than Rama, God, himself.

I love this story because I have seen it to be true in my life again and again. When I lack clarity, when I am lost in who I am, I use mantra like "Bhaja Govindam" which means "to remember God" or "this too shall pass" to bring me back to presence.

And in the present moment, away from the sticky confines of my mind, I can come back to what is real, what is true, what is important.

This journey back home to myself, with the support of the mantra, is almost more powerful than the full totality of the Universe's energy.

I know it’s tempting to look at others when we feel confused about who we are. We cling to teachers, we stalk people on Facebook, we seek ways to validate our fears. It’s a natural tendency of the Ego to do what perpetuates the power of the Ego.

But do not be confused, love. When you are experiencing these moments, it’s an invitation to keep practicing coming home to yourself. Keep friending the parts of yourself you cannot love. Keep bringing yourself to what feels good. Again and again and again.

Losing clarity is GOOD. It means you are releasing the rigid structures most people build around them to feel safe. Getting lost is an invitation to start the inward journey. Use your practices now more than ever. You got this.

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