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This week, I am spending quality time on the East Coast with my family and it's been a beautiful experience of noticing my often unconscious tendencies to revert back to child-like behaviors while inviting tenderness to the adult wanting to express with grace.

Is this something you have experienced? It is amazing how certain people, situations and happenstance can trigger us.

One minute we feel like capable, confident adults, and the very next minute we fall into a spiral of inadequacy and unworthiness. Once we are triggered, it almost feels like we enter a trance where we do things and lash out in ways that surprise even ourselves.

In those moments when the judging thoughts feel the loudest, judging others for their behavior but also judging ourselves for ours, it's easy to collapse into a heap of shame and the sense that we are deeply broken.

In the following video, I want to share a critical tool we can begin to incorporate during those tricky, triggered moments to give us a bit of a lifeline. A little ease and space to center ourselves and recalibrate.

It's a beautiful first step in the journey of healing our worthiness wound {all of our wounds, really}, and begin to use the wisdom of our inner adult to hold space for the little child within all of us who feels scared and alone.

To your worth,