women's leadership coach + spiritual teacher on jesus

OH HAYYY there,

I hope you had the most delicious holidays filled with presence and maybe a dash of grace.

If you’re like most of us, this week you are spending time contemplating your 2015. Maybe you closed the energy with my workbook {which you can still grab here}, or you’ve been plowing forward with your big 2016 plans.

Personally, I have been taking my sweet time gaining more and more clarity on what I shared with you last week, which if you missed while getting drunk on eggnog, you can read here, and how to proceed with alignment and joy.

But today, I am not going to talk about new year’s resolutions {cause they don’t work} or how to make your new year great {cause right now that’s feeling a tad cliche}.

Today I want to share something I learned this past Christmas that I tucked into my heart like a sweet lover's note.

It's the story of Jesus' birth. 

Now before you totally go into your judgments against or for him, hear me out. Because this goes way beyond our dogmatic views.

According to the Bible, Jesus was born at night. He had to be, it says in Luke, because such brilliance could not be born in the day. And not only was he born in the night, but he was born amongst shepherds, which in those times were the ones castrated from society. The lowest of the lows. Those deemed unsuitable for society.

Let me say it one more time.

A being of bright bright light had to be born in the darkness. And not amongst riches but amongst filth.  

And just like Jesus, our inner bright light is always born during the darkest of times, and amongst what we consider deeply shameful and unworthy.

That is the most beautiful symbolism that has graced my life.

Because as a highly sensitive woman with huge expressions of depth and complications like me, there is something soothing and nurturing to know that our greatest joys come when we allow ourselves to feel the totality of our humanity, including, as the Buddha so eloquently said, "our ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows".

I feel like that's the whole point of us even being on this planet with all of these temptations of materialism and egoic tendencies - to use everything handed to us to heal our wounds and expand our ability to feel.

But we are not taught how to be powerful AND feelers.

We are never taught how to wander our darkness.

And we are definitely never taught how to ease that unshakeable feeling that there's something wrong with us.

But now that you carry this beautiful awareness, life can be our teachers. And we can be the master of our fate. And we can choose to look at our pain and wounds and anxiety and hurt with a little more trust. That maybe, just maybe, if we go in deep enough, we get to birth something really bright and magical into the world.

Don't be afraid, love. Your depth is where your power lies.

Happy New Year. May you always remember what an important light you are.